About Felcana

Our mission is to use modern technologies to digitally advance, update and improve the efficiency of the veterinary industry and improve the welfare of dogs and cats globally. Clever stuff.


Felcana revolutionises the way pet owners, vets and insurers look after pets’ health. Based in Central London, Felcana gives pet owners, vets and insurers a mobile-first platform to track, monitor and understand a dog or cat’s health, 24/7.

Trusted by vets and developed for pets, Felcana integrates state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, machine learning and veterinary expertise, to help predict, simplify and treat over 90% of health issues for dogs and cats. We're helping pet owners answer routine questions, such as: "how often does Alfie drink and eat? Is Betsy always this energetic?" giving vets the data they need to make earlier and more accurate diagnoses.

Since launching, Felcana has already won the prestigious Spark Design Award and was voted as the ‘Top Innovative Dog Start-up to watch in 2018’. We've confirmed a research collaboration with the world's largest veterinary school, the Royal Veterinary College, and featured in the BBC, Vet Times, Vet Record, Tech.London and others as a game changer in improving the efficiency of pet care and veterinary technology. Exciting stuff.

We also attend pet trades shows nationally and internationally, such as Crufts and the London Vet Show. Boom!


At Felcana, we like to indulge in the little things in life; long walks to the coffee machine, casual beers while sitting in the sunshine on Somerset House Terrace whilst gazing at breathtaking views of London Embankment, dogs in the office, pool and snooker tables, ping pong and multiple kitchens.

Thirsty? We have unlimited tea and gourmet coffee granules.

Hungry? Grab some fresh fruit.

Have an idea? Share it.

Need a tool to do your job? Simply ask and you will (likely) receive.

Our team are humble and dedicated, fast-paced and autonomous, and we take pride over our work. Being an integral part of our early-stage start up, it will be important for you to pursue your instincts and ideas - however big or small! We want you to join a team where you genuinely have an impact on driving the company forward.

We love pets and we want people who also love pets and tech to join our Felcana team!

Any questions? Shout!

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